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Submitted on
October 19, 2009


Welcome to Vanguard

Will I just completed my first day of training and boy my brain is DEAD….

So many terms and departments and stuff… MEH… It is interesting learning what I'll be doing which is processing clients requests and dealing with their money. Oh yeah it is an investment company. They do 41K's, retirement, plans, etc, etc… Not my cup of tea but whatever they pay well. And if I do a good job during my duration that I'm there I can get an interview to get a full time position… Works for me.

My trainer was nice enough to let us off an hour early since everyone was pretty much dead so I came home early. I'm concerned about how much art I can produce with this current schedule but I will get use to it and I still have the weekends. I also got more days off after the 5 week training even though I got to be there every other Saturday and have to be there a 7:30… Looking forward to that…

Whatever I'm going to stop complaining because it's not that bad it's just that first time hump. I can get use to this…

GOD was I nervous in there too… But I'm fine now since I'm home…

So I'm going to make my shrimp salad and play smash bros. Brawl on the WII my boyfriend lent to me. CB
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