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Submitted on
December 18, 2009


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Here's another update!

The picture that I was working on and posted a WIP is finally done. Please go take a look I don't think you'll will be disappointed!   

Besides that, guess who got a 72 Copic marker set on Wednesday?

You wouldn't believe how long I wanted these markers! And a new art store finally opened up downtown that sold them, but since I was in school and jobless I couldn't afford them. All that has changed for the better 2-3 years later (yay for waiting!), they had the 72 set on sell for $300 and I couldn't run fast enough to get them. Once again they are my X-mas gift for myself so I have about a week to drool all over them before I can actually use them. Which is fine, I love that feeling! It's like I'm a kid again. :3

So I'm done shopping for myself and now I have my family and friends to shop for. The biggest problem is that I have no clue what to get my boyfriend D:. In fact he already gotten my gift on Wednesday and is totally sure I'll love it. But I don't know if the gift I'm thinking about getting him well be "good enough" or at least on my end. It's a board game called "munchkin" it's originally a card game that he wanted really bad. I know he will love it but I wanted something more personal and homely for him… I don't know. It shouldn't even be a problem being that I know he will be happy if I got it for him.

I'll figure it out. D:

Have a great holiday everybody! I'll probably post on X-mas anyway. :P
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